Alice Miles

Alice Miles

Administrative Specialist

alice miles

I want those who are currently going through crisis and survivors alike to know you aren’t alone in any part of it. It’s difficult to accept that healing is a lifelong process, but I see you and hear you. I’m here for you and I’m here for us.

Alice Miles

Known for:

Her position as an advocate for male survivors and the LGBTQIA+ Community as well as her passions for baking, psychology, and behavioral health. She has worked with veterans for three years teaching them financial literacy and hosting resume building workshops. She has fought against both food and housing insecurity, working in food pantries and petitioning the city counsel to build more affordable housing to provide shelter for low income families and the homeless residents in the Colorado Springs Community.

Journey to BTSADV:

Domestic Violence has always been present in my life, it ruled my family in generational and learned abuse. It has hurt the people I love most in this life, and many male loved ones have felt as if their experiences were invalid, leaving them to feel left behind. Early adulthood began for me by escaping domestic violence and a stalker. I found BTSADV not only to find and create more resources for male survivors, but also because I believe it’s an important aspect of healing to help others heal in their own paths. I started as a volunteer in Community Outreach, became the Assistant to the Director of Community Outreach, then the Director of Community Outreach before becoming the Administrative Specialist.

On BTSADV's values:

I believe that everyone is possible of leaving a positive impact on the world in our own unique way. With that being said it is also important to recognize others for their abilities and support them in their goals and personal growth. Some of us may be more resilient than others by default, but we can share our experiences and build others up to increase their resiliency and work among each other to address the challenges domestic violence poses to our global society across gender, race, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic standing. We must move forward with the F.U.T.U.R.E in mind.


My passion is in Trauma informed practices; helping people learn about the brain/body connection and how trauma affects that on the physiological level to overcome those difficulties. I believe there is strength in building to resilience and self-regulation through coregulation and learning to step out of living in trauma to rebuilding a sense of peace in your life.


I’m currently studying for my B.S.W at Newman University, earned my A.A in Social Work at Pikes Peak Community College and work as a Registered Behavior Technician with a Clinical Certification in HeartMath Emotional Regulation and Resilience Training. I’m an avid volunteer in the Colorado Springs Community. I’ve managed food pantries and large teams, worked in hospice care and served as an eleventh hour volunteer, been a children’s literacy tutor for many years, and proudly work with both middle schoolers and high schoolers in the Pikes Peak region to teach them leadership and communication skills, how to network in their communities, and provide them mental health tools to help themselves and teach others as well.

Favorite Quote:

“The world breaks everyone, and afterward, many are strong at the broken places.”
 ― Ernest Hemingway