Author Rick Dougherty

Author Rick Dougherty


After growing up in an abusive home, Rick survived to thrive in a number of different areas as an adult. He is an award-winning radio broadcaster, who has also worked for professional sports teams, newspapers, and in television. He has sold paintings and photography as an artist; hiked mountains and done pilgrimages of long distances; and he has completed a marathon and four official half-marathons.  He is determined to show that men can be athletic and strong without the toxic aspects of masculinity that scarred his childhood.

all men

Yes…All Men

We can’t be “good guys” until we have learned what that actually means, and how it looks in our societal interactions. We can’t be “good guys” until we can look back on a situation and admit we made a mistake. To truly be a “good guy,” you have to work towards equitable workplaces and public spaces where people can feel safe and comfortable to interact.

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