Heidi Lynne

Heidi Lynne

Executive Director

heidi lynne

BTSADV will always be here to support you, stand by you, and love you even when you aren’t sure you love yourself. Every decision we make this year and moving forward will be for the sole purpose of standing with you, our family. We are your home you can come to for support and love when you can’t find it elsewhere. We will be the voice that says to our sisters and brothers that you are worthy. You are beautiful. You are loved.

Heidi Lynne

Known for:

As a mother of four wonderful children who are bi-racial and/or belongs to the LGBTQIA+ Community, herself included, Heidi has spent her life advocating for social justice, human and victim rights. As a young adult, Heidi fulfilled her advocacy calling by partnering with her local AID’s awareness counsel. She has raised awareness for safe sex and reproductive health within the teen/young adult population.  Heidi mastered her skill set through mentoring at-risk youth in their time of discovering his/her/their spiritual path. Heidi continues to advocate for women in need by providing in-person and virtual support. Heidi is known for utilizing her voice to express the need for equal rights to including individuals of all backgrounds, emphasizing under-served populations such as those at risk for substance abuse and unsafe sex practices. Heidi has volunteered for food/clothing banks to serve those in her community in need. Heidi continues to possess a tireless passion for bridging the empathy/understanding gap between government officials and the in-need populations they serve. Creating an understanding and providing knowledge to meet marginalized communities’ needs will continue to be at the forefront of her advocacy service. Heidi’s career continued into family advocacy, where she dedicated her endeavors to fighting for equal representation and awareness of various issues.  Heidi continues the good fight with BTSADV as the Executive Director.

Journey to BTSADV:

After meeting who I believed to be my Prince Charming, I was lured into a marriage by a manipulative, physically, and emotionally abusive husband.  He isolated me from my family and friends throughout our marriage until I had no support network left.  Later into our marriage, he was diagnosed with a mental disorder. I escaped this relationship after ten years, taking the immense risk to save the lives of my children and my own. The choice I made to leave my abuser sparked my dedication to serving Domestic Violence victims and fellow survivors in need around the country and now, the globe.

On BTSADV's values:

I am proud of our F.U.T.U.R.E values as an organization, and to be given the opportunity to lead the charge of pursuing these while we reach across the globe and connect to millions of survivors every day.


I’m passionate about advocating for Domestic Violence, mental health awareness, and equal LGBTQIA+ rights, with particular interests in transgender awareness. I’m dedicated to raising awareness for male victims, addressing housing difficulties, protecting women’s health rights and equality, and the right and accessibility of quality education across the country. I want to use my voice and speak out for those who haven’t found their voices yet and help empower others to stand up and speak out about the injustices happening worldwide.


After I left my ex-husband, I knew that I never wanted another person ever to have to live through that hell, I knew that I never wanted my children to have to go through what I had gone through, and  I knew the odds were high because they had witnessed the abuse. We never stopped fighting through good days and bad days, and we never stopped pushing ourselves so we could have a better life. My children give me the strength to never stop. I am so proud of each of my children and their marks they are leaving on the world. It’s such a fantastic feeling to stand shoulder to shoulder with my family as we help others.

Favorite Quote:

We cannot change yesterday, we can only make the most of today, and look with hope toward tomorrow.