Naomi Suguitan

Naomi Suguitan

Marketing Director

BTSADV is a beacon of truth in the darkness of domestic violence. By sharing our survivor sisters, survivor brothers, and angel families' stories, we are speaking out to build awareness and help current victims find their own freedom.

Don't let anyone silence you. You know your truth. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Naomi Suguitan

Known for:

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Journey to BTSADV:

Naomi has been following BTSADV since she fled from an abusive situation in 2016. BTSADV was the first time she had read stories similar to her own that told her, “Hey, the way that person treated you was not okay.” The resources provided by BTSADV helped her in her own healing journey and helped her understand her own reality.

She hopes to expand our mission within the virtual space and internationally. Survivors need to know that there is a safe and established community available to them. When you hear the phrase, “You are not alone,” you know that is true when you interact with the BTSADV family. She hopes to foster a supportive online community that provides survivors and angel families with the resources they need to heal.

On BTSADV's values:

We may have had a traumatic past, but we are creating a safer FUTURE for current victims and potential future victims by breaking our silence. Change cannot happen, and violence cannot end until those affected begin to speak out and put a stop to it.


I am passionate about empowering those whose voices have been silent or need help to find their voice. Whether it be to speak against violence or to speak out against any injustice or shortcomings they face. I am passionate to service those that need help.


Naomi is originally from Hawaii and the mother of 3 rambunctious children. She enjoys spending time with her family, crafting, and traveling. Her ultimate dream is to visit every Disney park, go on a Disney Cruise with her husband (no kids!), and go on a Disney Adventure. Yes, she loves Disney.

Her most favorite memory is when her husband took her stargazing for their first date. He knew she loved stars, and after dinner, he took them to a part of the island that didn’t have city lights. The stars blanketed the skies. It was beautiful…AKA, he never took her there again because he now realizes how dangerous it was to be out late in the middle of nowhere.

Favorite Quote:

"Throughout history, people with new ideas-- who think differently and try to change things-- have always been called troublemakers."

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