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Advocate and Ambassador Chosen as Volunteer of the Month

By Jenn Rockefeller

Break the Silence works to support and educate in the hope that one day, there will be a world without domestic violence. Our volunteers help with that mission by dedicating their time, attention, and effort to bring about this change. It is for these reasons that BTS likes to recognize our volunteers.

Such is the case for January’s Volunteer of the Month (VOM), Cathy Green. Cathy has worked tirelessly to support domestic violence survivors. She started volunteering with BTS in March as a helpline advocate and soon added Facebook advocate and her state’s ambassador to the list.

When asked what inspired her to join BTS, Cathy stated it was her adoration of BTS being a survivor-led organization. As a survivor herself, Cathy said volunteering with BTS has helped her find purpose again by turning her tragedy around and finding positive aspects to it.

“I know as a survivor that I valued the words of others who had been in my shoes. I didn’t want to hear from someone with four degrees, I wanted to hear from someone who knew what it was like.  So, I feel my words are valuable to those who reach out to BTS for love and support,” said Cathy.

As a fiercely independent mother of three, Cathy is passionate about teaching communities about the domestic violence red flags and resources available to those in need. She said she feels the key to reducing domestic violence incidents in the future is to involve men and teenage boys in awareness and education.

So what makes Cathy stand out as this month’s VOM? Megan Ultimo, BTS helpline director, stated that it is Cathy’s dedication to her duties and willingness to go the extra mile.

“From the beginning, she has always been very willing to cover extra days and has taken care of a lot of the voicemails I have sent in our channel…She is a pleasure to have on our helpline team,” Megan said.

Megan remembers one particular time Cathy made a huge impact on a helpline caller. “She has helped and listened to many, many callers on the helpline. One time after 55 minutes on a call, this client said ‘Cathy you are the perfect person for this job.  You are compassionate and easy to talk to and I can tell you don’t have a fake bone in your body,” said Megan.

Cathy understands what callers are going through and she helps ease some of the burden they are carrying. This ability is what makes her such a vital member of the BTS team and a perfect candidate for VOM.

Stephanie Soliz, BTS East Coast Ambassador Coordinator, agrees. She realized Cathy’s dedication immediately. “Throughout my time volunteering with BTS and as an ambassador, Cathy has remained consistent and hard-working She is always at the meetings and always participates and is so helpful to new members.  She is always ready and willing to jump in and help where we need her. Cathy is always out in her community and on social media raising awareness for domestic violence.”

BTS Social Media Director Brian Nguyen said he oversees a large team on a day-to-day basis and can easily bear witness to everyone’s strengths and what they can bring to the table. He noted Cathy’s passion, charisma, humor and being “overall fantabulous” are just some of her many strengths, which is part of how he helped choose Cathy as volunteer of the month.

Cathy’s passion to help others is exactly what BTS Volunteer Outreach Coordinator and Helpline Advocate Daphne Hesse was talking about when she said Cathy gives 100% of herself towards her work with BTS. Daphne said, “I believe she has a fire and passion inside that can’t be put out. She’s been a great friend to me. She tells her story and is never afraid to jump in and help when needed. I believe she has helped BTS grow.”

Thank you so much Sister for your hard work and dedication! We couldn’t succeed without you.

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