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BTSADV began hosting the Legacy Fund, a virtual 22-day fundraiser in July 2016, to participate in Bereaved Parents Month to honor the memory of those who have lost their lives to Domestic Violence.

We refer to lost loved ones as “Angels,” and their loved ones join our support network of Legacy Families. This event is a unique event for families to share their Angels’ story and memory to raise awareness while raising funds to support our Angel Scholarship and Legacy Family Retreat programs.

By participating in this event, you have the opportunity to memorialize your loved one’s name and support a survivor of domestic violence and their pursuit of higher education.

Together we heal.

break the silence against domestic violence

Losing a loved one to domestic violence is an unimaginable tragedy. However, you are not alone in the healing process. Together, our Legacy Families honor the memory of their angel and speak our against domestic violence.




Legacy Family Community

Sign up to join our Legacy Family Community. As a community member, a Legacy Family Ambassador will connect with you, assist in setting up an Angel Page on our BTSADV Legacy Family Portal, and contact you about ways to honor your angel throughout the year.

Online Virtual Support Group

Our Legacy Families gather on a Facebook group as a way to receive support from and give support to each other.

Legacy Families Retreats

Our annual Legacy Families Retreat allows family members that have lost a loved one to domestic violence to come together and share their pain and memories.


Additional Resources for Legacy Families

GriefShare hosts seminars and support groups that are widely known for their ability to help others cope with loss and grief in the most effective manner possible. One of the hardest parts about loss is the loneliness that immediately follows, which is why their work has proven so critical.

POMC – Parents of Murdered Children, Inc. is a website devoted to outlining how parents can get the support they need in the face of one of the most devastating experiences. Aside from survivor support and online support, they have a great legal section that outlines options for parents.

The Grief Toolbox works to compile useful resources for others to appropriately address the rigors of addressing the loss of a loved one. With varying artwork and articles that provide interesting perspective, it’s incredibly worthwhile for those struggling with loss.

Survivors of Homicide devote their efforts to supporting those who have lost someone close to them due to homicide. Services are free of charge and encompass many different areas including group meetings, planning and business meetings, and even advocacy.

Violent Death Bereavement Society helps individuals who have seen a violent death or know someone close to them who has. With a wealth of resource links that makes it easy to find the specific support needed, it can be the crucial turning point in how someone is feeling.

Open to Hope is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people find hope after loss. They provide encouraging articles, books, and an online community to help people deal with difficult losses and continue to live happy, meaningful lives while working through grief.

The National Alliance for Grieving Children understands the unique challenges that children face when losing someone close to them and the organization has created wide-ranging educational resources for those looking to provide comfort to them. Through the comprehensive network of volunteers, the NAGC has done an incredible job of assisting children with loss.

The National Center for Victims of Crime gives a voice to those who have been abused and trains professionals to advocate for the rights of these individuals. The organization keeps their focus broad for the purpose of incorporating each type of victim

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