Legacy Families Retreat

Legacy Families Retreat

Welcome to the Family

Finding Healing & Honoring Their Memory

Share hope. Share healing. That’s exactly what BTSADV’s annual Legacy Families Retreat does for those who have lost a loved one – an Angel – to domestic violence. Our Legacy Families Retreat is the only one of its kind in the country. To fully grasp its tremendous impact, it is important to understand the shame and isolation that family members feel when their loved ones have been murdered as a result of domestic violence. The Legacy Family Retreat allows these family members to come together and share their pain and their memories.

True Healing

The Legacy Families Retreat encompasses a variety of workshops and activities to educate, empower, and connect Legacy Families. The program encourages attendees to step outside of their comfort zone to truly experience healing like never before.

The Legacy Family Ambassadors support each attendee through open discussions and breakout groups. We welcome families who are ready to begin their healing journey and experience a lifelong transformation alongside other Legacy Families.

When & Where

If chosen, you will be responsible for booking your own transportation to and from the retreat. You will also be required to pay a retreat fee and provide proof of transportation bookings by a certain date.

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