Angel Run: Meet our Angel Scholarship Recipients

By: Meghan Mausteller 

This month, Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence announced the winners of our 13 Angel Scholarships through the funds raised by the Angel Run.

Our scholarship winners are:

  • Mallory Webb, winner of the Michelle’s Legacy Scholarship
  • Sarah Benedith, winner of the Ashleigh’s Heart Scholarship
  • Amy Thomson, winner of the Angels Will Soar Scholarship
  • Rena Alspaw, winner of the Tamara’s Trust Scholarship
  • Amelia Olsen, winner of the Tracie’s Legacy Scholarship
  • Ronald Pan, winner of the Arnisha’s Legacy Scholarship
  • Rachel Stutzman, winner of the Kelsie & Jennifer’s Light Scholarship
  • Arianna Sisson, winner of the Cotoya’s Legacy Scholarship
  • Joshua Ohana, winner of the Jennifer’s Legacy Scholarship
  • Courtney McMullen, winner of the Audrey’s Dream Scholarship
  • Russell Wilder, winner of the Brandi’s Legacy Scholarship
  • Sarah Lutz, winner of the Sacha’s Heart Scholarship
  • Kristen Glasheen, winner of the Tara’s Heart Scholarship

Each of our scholarships is given in honor of a person who has lost their life to domestic violence. Through our scholarships, we “memorialize our angels because they are a big part in why we are driven to create the largest impact possible.” The recipients of the scholarships have also been impacted by domestic violence.

Amy Thomson, the social media coordinator and a blog writer for BTS, was involved in an abusive relationship, where she experienced financial abuse. She said when she fled her abuser, she left with only “the clothes on [her] back and whatever happened to be in [her] purse.”

“It took me over three years before I was able to afford to and return to school [in order] to finish the degree he forced me to abandon in 2008,” Thomson said.

The Angels Will Soar Scholarship is helping Thomson finish her final semester of college, where she is currently earning a degree in international business.

For Amelia Olsen, receiving the Tracie’s Legacy Scholarship will help inspire her to keep pushing forward with her education.

“Whenever I don’t think I can do it, or I’m not strong enough to continue, or I simply get down on myself, I will be reminded of [Tracie],” Olsen said.

She is working toward her degree in behavioral health with an emphasis on trauma by taking one class at time.

“Receiving this scholarship means being able to honor and represent a life that was lost too soon,” Olsen said.

As of fall 2017, we have given away over $25,000 in scholarships to students across the United States.

Congratulations to all of our scholarship winners!

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