Barbara William Survivor Sister Story

Survivor Sister Barbara William speaks out breaking her silence about domestic violence.


The abuse started when my child was only year and half. Can’t remember what we were fighting about but I do remember being pick up off my feet and though like a doll into a wall and then after that I was taken by my into the bedroom and got hit some more time after that I was wondering when the hell just happened i when to bed on the floor away from that night I work on a plan to leave him. I remember tell him that I was going out to city to do some shopping, so pack up a bag with nappies, wipes, baby clothes and a change of clothes for me and turn off my phone and end up going to a friend’s house at time, then it was reported to the police and was taken away. After a while I started to feel sorry for him because he said I am sorry I won’t do this again. So stilly me when back to him and it was fine for a good while and it started again this time it was lot wose because he was on ice I just had a other baby at time. He started to yell and scream at our baby call him all the names under the sun because the baby was crying all the time, I do remember our two years old daughter was so scared of him at the time that she would just cry every time he would start to yell. One night he hit me in head because the baby was crying and I wasn’t keep the baby quite, other time he bent my hand back because I made him dinner and I didn’t do that right so call me a slut, then push me into the wall and sexually assaulted me as well, other time where I sent a text message to someone to call the police because he had been hitting most of the night and scream at the kids the police did come and told him need to leave but he didn’t he then told me I was going to die that night some how I talked him out of. One last day before he got lock up he pushed me on to the bed and start put his hands on my neck and then he when down to my oldest children school and attack him and pushed him in front of people that day. Ran away with our daughter at time I had 20 police officer taken him down that because he was so high on ice. He end up doing six months in jail and now has do a anger management classes and drug and alcohol testing because of him I had DCP on me because of What he did. I had to a dv classes and partners classes as well. But things are so much better now.

Notice: The names in this story are fictitious to protect the request for anonymity.

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