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domestic violence awareness month 2022

Break the Cycle

I’m 22 years old. I was in a relationship with this man since November 2010 and left October 2013. In the coarse of our relationship

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The Man I Loved Abused Me During My Pregnancy

I thought he loved me. Thought I had met the love of my life. I was wrong. The man I loved abused me during my pregnancy, and it didn’t stop there. Looking back, I understand how I fell under his spell and why it took so long for me to leave.

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Mental Health Awareness

National Mental Health Awareness Month

This is why the month of May shines a spotlight on Mental Health Awareness. We all deal with issues of mental health but survivors and victims of domestic violence have unique mental health needs, as well as barriers preventing us from reaching out for support.

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The Mental in Me…

It’s at the times when life hit you unexpectedly is when we lose sight of the importance of our mental health and how much maintaining it at those moments truly saves us.

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Mourning the Loss of Motherhood

Mourning the Loss of Motherhood

On Mother’s Day, we celebrate the lives of the women who came before us and we grieve the loss of mothers that were taken from us too soon. But, for some of us, we also grieve the mothers we never were and the children we will never see again. 

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