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Purple Alerts: Can They Help Victims?

The Purple Alert may or may not be the right answer, but the fact remains that society is not doing enough to protect victims. Too often, with the lack of support from the police, families are forced to work on their own to find their missing loved ones.

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Sarah Emma Edmonds: Civil War Hero

In an effort to hide from her abuser, she started calling herself Emma Edmonds, and began working in a shop that made women’s hats.  Emma succeeded in this endeavor, and was co-owner of the establishment quickly.  Her story then took a turn that is familiar to so many survivors of abuse.  She escaped; found personal success; and then her abuser caught up with her.

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My Survivor Story

June 13th 2020  This will be the hardest thing I have ever done, however not saying anythingis putting my life and health in danger and

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10 Years Later: The Joe Paterno Saga

As a survivor, we normally assume that most people think like us.  Maybe they have not experienced domestic violence, sexual assault, or child abuse, but you assume that they still find these things as abhorrent as you find them.  It was disheartening to hear these people bend over backwards to defend a cover-up of sexual assault towards children.

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My Survivor Story; Danielle Tyra

He mentally wore me down so that by the time he physically hurt me, I would be less likely to fight back. He would tell me that if I called the police, he would just tell them I hit him first. That they will believe him.
He even threatened to call the police and tell them I went crazy – again.

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