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art of healing after abuse

The Art of Healing After Domestic Violence

The physical markers of abuse may have faded, but the spiritual and psychological scarring from domestic violence may last a long time after a victim leaves her abuser. Even though the road to healing from past trauma can be long, it is possible to regain what you had lost someday. Some days will be harder than others, it’s true.

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you never deserve the abuse

You Never Deserve The Abuse

“You never deserve the abuse” is the message Andrea has for her Survivor Sisters after recounting her own abuse. As Andrea breaks her silence, she questions why she stayed and why those around her never spoke up about the abuse that they witnessed between her and her boyfriend. Thank you for your strength Andrea.

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heroine over prince charming

Rescue from my Prince Charming – Gaslighting, and the ‘Fog’ of Abuse

This survivor felt completely alone in what she thought was her ‘fairy tale’ romance. Without any reference, and new to dating, she struggled to identify healthy habits from abusive ones. She slowly realized that she was in an abusive relationship, and is working to free herself from it. We hope that she knows that she doesn’t need a Prince Charming. She has the power to be the heroine of her story

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i chose to forgive

I Chose to Forgive Because It Was The Right Thing For Me

Ashley experienced intimate partner violence at the hands of her former boyfriend. Even after obtaining a restraining order, her abuser was intent on finding a way into her life. Ashley’s inner strength, coupled with the rare kindness from strangers, allowed her to escape, during a harrowing and violent abusive outburst. Ashley shared her vulnerable story of choosing to forgive in the hope that other survivors and friends are able to understand the power of survival, her choices, and her way of breaking the cycle.

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