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Survivor Retreat Helped Heal My Shattered Heart

Every year Break The Silence Against Domestic Violence holds a Survivor Sister’s Retreat. During retreat we experience a variety of workshops and activities to educate, empower, and connect with each other. Here we encourage each other to step outside of our comfort zone to truly experience healing like never before, and experience a lifelong transformation alongside our survivor sisters.

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My Ex-Husband Killed My Daughter

My name is Kris, and I have been a domestic violence advocate now for 21 years. In addition to my advocacy work, I have also become a resiliency speaker sharing my own story of domestic violence and the horrifying events that led up to the murder of my 3yr old daughter, Miranda.

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processing grief

Processing Grief

Loss of any kind is a part of this world. It’s something we, unfortunately, have to learn to cope with. How we process this loss is also a part of this world.

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With Six Kids to Care for, I Was Trapped

Elizabeth met a man who would eventually become her abuser when she was in high school. Over the years, they had six kids, which only strengthened his control over her. The physical and financial abuse kept Elizabeth and her children trapped. She had nowhere to go for help, and no way to financially provide for six kids on her own, so she stayed hoping it was the best way to protect and provide for her children.

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trauma response

Turning Trauma Responses Into Strength

In abusive relationships, it’s very common for victims of abuse to live in a state of fight or flight. While it may not be fully elevated at all times, individuals in this position have been conditioned to remain fearful and unsure of what is going to come next.

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I Got Out, But I Am Still Fighting For My Child

Linda saw the warning signs early in her relationship and left. However, when she learned she was pregnant she returned. For years he stayed at home while she worked multiple jobs to make ends meet, only to be abused day after day. Eventually Linda was able to leave, but it created a custody battle. A custody battle that she continues to fight to this day.

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