How to Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence

Written by: Amy Thompson

Every year during the month of October, Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence runs a campaign dedicated to raising awareness to intimate partner violence. Silence is the abuser’s biggest protector, and through increased awareness on the violence occurring behind closed doors, we can reduce the isolation, shame, and stigma surrounding abuse.

Our domestic violence awareness month theme this year is “How to Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence.” Throughout the month, our focus will be on empowering victims and their family, friends, and co-workers by giving them life-saving information and encouragement to help them break free from domestic violence and take back their lives. To achieve a successful break from an abusive relationship, it is necessary to have the right tools to not only help you or someone you love to leave their abuser but to also stay safe in the process.

We hope to inspire you and those in your community to join the fight against domestic violence. With 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men being abused by an intimate partner, it is imperative that everyone learns to spot the signs of abuse and take action to help those affected. Our neighbors, friends, and family need our help. As survivors, our most powerful weapon we have against domestic violence is using our voice to share our experiences. Our stories help others know they are not alone and that there are places they can go for help. You don’t have to have been abused to help. All you need is compassion and a genuine desire to help others live healthy lives free of violence.

Here is a look ahead at a few things we will be sharing with you over the next 31 days:

  • Brand new awareness gear – Awareness apparel is the easiest way to raise awareness about domestic violence anywhere at any time. Purchase your very own Break the Silence against Domestic Violence gear, here. Now offering shirts for the whole family!
  • Survivor story videos
    • Kisha Ward is a gunshot survivor who was paralyzed after she was shot in the neck by her children’s father.
    • Kim Kight’s estranged husband was shot during a stand-off with police after he broke into her house and took her hostage.
    • Tammy Willet is a domestic violence survivor and Angel Mom to Brandi who finds that each time she shares her story, all the pieces of herself that were lost as result of her abuse and her daughter’s murder are put back together.
    • Christy Mack was hospitalized after being brutally beaten by ex-MMA fighter Jonathan Koppenhaver.
  • Informational articles on how to spot the signs of abuse – There are many red flags for abuse, but they can be easy to miss, especially early in the relationship. We’ll tell you what to look for and how to get help – or how you can help someone you suspect is being hurt by their partner.
  • How to share your own story – Have you decided that it’s time to break your silence? There are several ways you get your story out there and be heard. We’ll share some tips and suggestions to help you move forward in a way that is most comfortable and empowering for you. Click here to share your story!
  • Self-empowerment post abuse – It is common for survivors of domestic violence to battle with self-esteem, lack of confidence, and post-traumatic stress disorder after escaping abuse. You can regain your confidence and empower yourself after trauma. We’ll help you find ways to get your sense of self back.

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