Survivor Stories

Survivor Stories

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My Survivor Story; Danielle Tyra

He mentally wore me down so that by the time he physically hurt me, I would be less likely to fight back. He would tell me that if I called the police, he would just tell them I hit him first. That they will believe him.
He even threatened to call the police and tell them I went crazy – again.

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My Survivor Story

Over 70% of domestic violence murders happen after the victim has ended the relationship, after she is gotten out. Because then the abuser has nothing left to lose. Other outcomes include long-term stalking, even after the abuser has remarried. 

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What I Learned (and Had to Unlearn) from Witnessing Financial Abuse

Even the women in his family didn’t think women should be treated equally.  When I later married, they mocked my wife for not taking my last name.  This didn’t come from the men in the family.  It came from the women.  The patriarchal family structure was comforting to all of them, as a protection from a scary world.  Even if that structure suppressed them, it provided a feeling of safety.

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One Day at a Time 21 Years Later; My Survivor Story

This person used me as a punching bag for a hobby. What made things worse was that I had no help from family members or the authorities! The police laughed at me and when it came time for court visits, my ex would threaten me to not enter the court room.

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My Survivor Story

Whenever I got upset with the things he was saying and the things he was doing to me, he would call me crazy. I believed him.

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