Emotional Abuse

Emotional Abuse

Tell Me You Are A Bad Person Without Telling Me

How do you know if that person that you are inviting into your life is good or bad for you? Can you trust your gut, or are red flags oblivious to you? And what about boundaries? This journal entry from our blogger, Amanda, talks about these very questions and more.

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Chasing Confidence

Amanda endured years of gaslighting, and her journal entry reflects the effects that happen after, including doubting her self-confidence.

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Sabotaged: How Abuse Can Trigger Body Image Issues and Eating Disorders

Abuse often violates our bodies and free will. What happens when trauma responses cause us not only to disassociate to cope but also use food or a lack of it it to bring comfort or a sense of control back to our lives? What happens when self-hatred causes abuse to continue from within? It’s time to love the person staring back in the mirror.

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re-learning to love yourself

Re-Learning to Love Yourself After Abuse

Loving yourself after abuse means allowing yourself to dance across–to and fro, weaving in and out of–the four Stones of Healing (self-study, self-love, self-compassion, self-awareness)… for the rest of your life.

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