Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse

Chasing Confidence

Amanda endured years of gaslighting, and her journal entry reflects the effects that happen after, including doubting her self-confidence.

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The Autism Spectrum and Abuse

By trying to raise awareness of the Autism spectrum, especially how it relates to abuse, I am hoping to help others avoid the decades of confusion I experienced when trying to come to terms with the abuse I suffered.

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Sabotaged: How Abuse Can Trigger Body Image Issues and Eating Disorders

Abuse often violates our bodies and free will. What happens when trauma responses cause us not only to disassociate to cope but also use food or a lack of it it to bring comfort or a sense of control back to our lives? What happens when self-hatred causes abuse to continue from within? It’s time to love the person staring back in the mirror.

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Preventing Teen Dating Violence

This is where some parents can tend to miss the clear signs of teen-dating violence, under no fault of their own.  They are looking for the stranger who tries to groom, and infiltrate the safe-space created for the child.  What is often the more pressing concern is the people we invite into the safe-spaces.

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To be the teen…

“Who would believe them in that aspect of empathy enough to provide the comfort they needed after facing such detrimental levels of trust?”

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Purple Alerts: Can They Help Victims?

The Purple Alert may or may not be the right answer, but the fact remains that society is not doing enough to protect victims. Too often, with the lack of support from the police, families are forced to work on their own to find their missing loved ones.

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