Day 27: Strength of a Survivor: Teri’s Story


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Teri’s Story:

TeriWhat is your personal experience with gender-based violence (this may include domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, female genital mutilation, etc)? 

About six years ago I met my youngest sons father. He is a text book narcissist and physical abuser. I was beaten three times. First while he was holding our then four month old son on Christmas night. The second time was the night before he was taking our son to Texas for his sisters wedding. Obviously, he didn’t want me to be able to leave the house while he was gone.

The third, and final time, was about two weeks before our sons first birthday. This was the time I was almost killed. I woke up in the middle of the night on the floor where he was sitting on top of me beating me about the face with my iPhone. All for re-adding two of my best friends on Facebook. He knew they were trying to convince me to leave him. I was finally able to leave him after this incident…because he was arrested.

What advice would you give other survivors who have experienced similar situations as you?

Reach out to fellow sisters! You are NOT alone and this is NOT your fault! I felt extremely embarrassed about sharing what happened to me in the beginning..but now I tell EVERYONE! I started blogging, also…which has been wonderful for me.

Why do you feel it is important to empower women?

Abuse is a means of control. Most women, if not all, come out of an abusive relationship with absolutely NO self esteem. They feel worthless and stupid. Empowering women is so important! We are not worthless! I have grown so much since my abuse and most of that has come from being a strong warrior and going out and helping others going through this.

Why do you support Break the Silence against Domestic Violence?

BTS is a wonderful group of warriors who are out there changing the world one day at a time. While I don’t have much direct contact with them, they are a excellent resource for anyone going through this.

Join us in embracing and celebrating the strength of 1 survivor every day for 31 days. May their strength inspire you, move you, and motivate you to take a stand against domestic violence.



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