Devine Natasha

Mother, Spoken Word Artist & Educator

Devine Natasha is a survivor of child hood trauma, narcissistic abuse, and interpersonal relationship violence. She is a light and a joy to those who are around her. After starting her healing journey in 2016, Devine broke her silence to the world and decided that this was going to be apart of her life purpose, to advocate and help individual’s alike.

Her story doesn’t end with her breaking her silence, learning the signs and getting away from the relationship, but with learning the need to grieve the relationship, not just for one but for two, forgiveness, self love, empowerment and faith.

She recognizes that the aftermath of trauma can be futile without allowing yourself the process of accepting where you truly are, who you are, how you feel and your journey. It isn’t always pretty and she openly brings a light to the many feelings, misconceptions, and incorrect stereotypes that people place on individuals who have been through trauma, especially mothers. She is currently using her degree and her direct knowledge around this topic, to connect women and mothers alike to accept their journey’s and progress forward.

Devine Natasha, BTSADV Speaker

Topics Devine Specializes in:

  • Family
  • Community-Based Story
  • Empowerment through Education