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      Debra Pardo

      Where do you begin when you realize everything that was real in your life is a lie. You’re living your life with Red Flags everywhere but what do they mean and how do we un-peel them. I was married for 25 years when I discovered my husband had a whole life I had no knowledge of. This second life was horrific with unthinkable horrific crimes. I want to start out by saying I’m not afraid to tell my story because without light on this horrific crime we will not get the true help we need as victims. I was married to an alcoholic living in recovery or so I thought. Our house had no alcohol in it because the beginning of the marriage was so abusive with furniture being drilled by a hand drill after he returned home from the strip clubs. Then the fights escalate to the stairs. Well we all know how that ends. Being thrown down the stairs. 911. Separate. Well this 25 year marriage was filled with Verbal Abuse which comes with the life of living with an Alcoholic. But let me tell you what I didn’t know about this very abusive man. He was very busy living two lives one with me and kids called the cover wife and another life involved in Sex Trafficking Human Trafficking. Yes don’t be afraid to share your story if it includes Sex Trafficking because what a lot of married women need to understand is it’s happening everywhere now. My spouse used me the whole marriage and as I discovered his second life with the discovery of his assets,cars,houses,women in his cell,jet skis, money, and drugs. The Domestic Abuse escalated because he felt so empowered at that point with his second life he was the king and could do whatever he wanted. WHY not he had been able to get away with it for so long with a lot of powerful help backing him. By that I mean this crime of Human Trafficking is with Gangs,Cartel,Paid off Police,Doctors,Lawyers,Judges,and high power Johns. You see what makes DV and Human Trafficking so scary and powerful is one the men doing it and how powerful they are but it’s happening in high end neighborhoods in million dollar houses now. The women who are the sex workers(not in chains as the movie Taken) and the sex buyers (Lawyers,Politicians,Police,Judges,Doctors,Businessmen,Wealthy Sex Buyers,Teachers,) have been coerced or tricked into the life of being raped 10 times a night. Yes they hook them on drugs. That’s why this crime comes with cartels. The most horrific crime I saw in Florida involved young girls having their picture taken then this underground network who supplied the girls and the teachers, got paid too. Watch out Disney World is a hot spot for this recruitment. All sporting events are arenas for this Human Trafficking Crime. A lot of paying sex buyers there. With all that abuse in the beginning of the marriage and separation he convinced me to move 800 miles away from my family,more isolation to allow this second life to continue without eyes on this big underground network. A bigger boat to move the drugs. I had no idea. Why would I? He was working half days leaving early for his trafficking needs. I thought he was a blue collar worker and a fisherman. Well there was a whole life I had no idea. Ladies you need to know the signs of Human Trafficking,Sex Trafficking because it’s so big that it had 5 sex buyers on the street I lived on. I didn’t even know it. The sex workers use houses that are Air BnB or houses listed on the market. Pretending to be realtors,carrying a realtor license, or just pretending to be interested in the house. I caught the sex worker using my house,which was on the market, by leaving work early caught her. i did this because my shower and bed was being used when I was at work. I caught the woman as I said and she ran to her car. I had no idea my husband was the pimp. I was confused and thought it was an affair. No it was a my own house as Sex Trafficking house! My husband was a Romeo Pimp working with his gang supplying women to wealthy sex buyers which included men who had power in the town, This story doesn’t come to light until I moved another 800 miles away again. Abuse doesn’t happen with a good support system. Usually. These abusive people who abuse victims like myself look for people with no family support,then they move them from their friends,family, and co-workers. ISOLATION is key to allowing abuse to continue. No eyes or ears on this violence. That’s how I was abused. Moved away. When I saw his assets, the cars and such he felt so empowered,narcissistic and unstoppable. This is why domestic violence is affiliated with human trafficking. You can’t have one without the other. In fact I ended up in 5 safe houses hiding from this underground network. Impossible by the way.  The house had sex workers in it hiding from abusive pimps or cartel. I met one woman who was beaten up and her abuser was her boyfriend with 60 stitches on her back, she couldn’t prosecute him because he has an alias name. That’s right these abusers have alias names to skirt the law. My husband who I was married too not only had houses,cars,but a second name! What!! Right!! does that mean when I divorce him I put all his names down on the divorce papers?? Well I did but they didn’t make their way to the divorce court. As I explained to you this runs high in the chains. Who is involved in this crime ? That’s what makes DV and Human Trafficking the most dangerous abuse because not only do you get a beat down (the spouses who discover this like me, the sex workers, the drugged sex workers,the threatened sex workers, the prisoners) but there is no where safe to go with the abuse. The police told me it was domestic as I called them. I discovered the cell phone with the restricted numbers coming into the family iphone. Then the family locator had him at a $500,000 Sex Trafficking house in a wealthy neighborhood in Charlotte NC. He had group texts from 10 women and carried a burner phone. Ladies, that’s a RED FLAG. Then comes even more danger the drugs the gangs use to keep this money train coming for the girls comes from Drug Cartels. Mexican Drug Cartels. This crime Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking and Drugs as Dr Phil says is the most dangerous crime now. It’s happening every 10 miles and spreading fast. You see this is a white collar crime with very little law enforcement sometimes because of bribes but mostly because this is such a big crime globally it doesn’t have the resources to handle it. So how do you save yourself with no family around isolated running down the street begging for help with doors being shut because they fear gang retaliation. Gang retaliation is real and they came after me and my adult children. It’s real and they make it look like accidents. All of a sudden your car needs a new fuel tank. My last two cars needed a new fuel tank. Well that’s when they pour things in your car gas tank. This was done by my own spouse at our own home in a beautiful looking house in NC as I was unpeeling this huge network. The only thing that really saved me was a strong friend and Safe houses. In Florida the safe houses are there and save women. Well after being drugged and choked I was so afraid I got myself into a safe house.  The women there schooled me on a whole world I didn’t know was occurring. I had to leave there to go back to the horrific abusive house because as I was safe my kids were not. That’s how I unpeeled more to this crime. The players revealed themselves just by watching and being more vigilant. You have to save yourself, women. If you’re isolated with no friends or family you’re already in trouble. That’s a big red flag. Does he call you names in front of people or belittle you. My spouse told me, When you disappear, who will even look for you?”  He put down my family and reminded me of past things that happened which I had no control over. All painful reminders to bring me down emotionally. I couldn’t walk out. As sick as that sounds I couldn’t. I was so broken his control over me was a 25 year thing that happened 24/7. Now I get Domestic Abuse. Now I see why the women don’t walk; they can’t even crawl at this very abusive stage. They need rescuing. This happened to me with myself first getting to a safe house. Educating myself on Human Trafficking and then slowly figuring it out. A tunnel which isn’t easy because I’m still awake with the horror of this every night still. The counselors say I was stronger when I went through it because that’s called survival mode. Well now I’m in reality mode and sad with a lot of crying days. The reality of what the world really is like out there has horrified me now. How do I build back? How do I trust anyone again? How? Where do I live safely ??

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