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      I’ve been wanting to tell my story for awhile now. I’ve always been so afraid to tell my story, but I think it’s time my voice is heard.
      I want to shine light on how the happiest of people can live the darkest lives. Facebook and social media can be deceiving. Some people don’t have a clue what really went on.
      I know longer want to be seen as the victim but the one who was strong enough to say I have to live better not for myself but for my son.
      So let me begin…
      When I met my child’s father it was pure bliss. We were so in love and happy, but right away red flags came up and I ignored them. He began cheating and always talking to other girls and when I would say something to him he would get so mad at me and turn it all around. The more I would catch him the more violent he would become. One night I was packing my bags to leave and he pushed and kicked me down our hall way. The cops were called and both of us went to jail. You think that would have been then end of it.. But no.. We got back together because he had changed and things seemed different and they were for a little while. Not long after getting back together I had found out I was pregnant. When I was 10 weeks pregnant he yanked me from my car threw me in our house in front of his friends. Started kicking me and I somehow ended up in our bedroom being slung around like a rag doll. I had a huge knot on my head from where he threw his phone at me. And when it was all said and done he told me it was going to be my fault if I was to lose our child because of how I acted. I’m beyond blessed in so many ways that my baby did make it. But he’s sorry and whatever it stops for weeks at a time. Let’s fast forward to me holding our six month old son, I apparently said the wrong thing to him again about cheating and ended up getting my head smashed into the passenger side window of his truck repeatedly. The reality of this is the abuse didn’t end and it didn’t stop it continued from 2012 to 2017. So many nights I held my son thinking it might be the last time. For years I made excuses for him and covered my bruises. When I did leave, I felt I had to live a secret life. God forbid I still did anything wrong to upset him. It wasn’t till 2019 that I finally felt completely free when I moved away. He had no control over me then.

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