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      I met the man of dreams so I thought 7yrs ago. The first 3 months where pure bliss!
      Then the redflags started popping up. Why do I spend my money on this. Why do we need to see your friends and family? My parents already made plans and I told you. AA is more important then anything and you should be more understanding and supportive. Fast forward 6 months and we move into together. It semed ok at first. He started working out of town. When he was home he almost demanded that my daughter go stay with anyone other then with me. He would plan getaways and not tell me where we were going. Everyone on his side of the family knew but me and my family wouldn’t know until I threw an epic fit and then it was my fault why it wasn’t fun. We started planning our wedding. Well hos family and he did I just got told what was going to happen. When I would tried to haveinput it started a huge fight and I was the reason for all of the name calling. I would try to leave but he would park behind my car so I couldn’t. Shortly after I found out I wass pregnant and then it really escalated. I was to inform of every move I made at all times because I was carrying his child and it was his right! When I decided enough was enough I told him I was moving out. While packing my things he came over and started yelling that I was a whore and their was no way he was the father. I was putting it on him for his money. This argument ended with me agreeing with everything he said because bald up fists and started jumping up and down and coming towards me. The next day I was gone. I went little contact with him because he didn’t agree with how I was handling my life and body. It got the point I had to change my number to get a break. After she was born he threatened to take her from me because I demanded a DNA test before he was put on the birth certificate and got visitation. He filed for full custody and supervised visitation claiming I was I qas a drunken drug addict who was a danger to myself and others. We ended up with 50/50 custody. 2.5 years later after repeated attacks on my charactor, harrasing texts and emails. Hateful conversations where I was the reason everything was bad my daughter started making comments about emotional and sexual abuse. I tooke her to the pediatrician and she reported it. Nothing was substantiated due to my daughter not saying anything and no physical evidence l. 6 months later a concerned friend turned him with the same results. Well now I have a recording and a disclosure at OCS but not enough evidence to press charges. Now again he is claiming that I’m not ok that I’m putting my non existence child hood trauma on her and I need to be evaluated and until a PHd decides I’m ok to be around her I should no contact other than supervised visitation which is what he has now. We are currently waiting on the judicial system that is letting him continue his cycle of abuse!

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