John-Michael Lander

Athlete & Author

John-Michael Lander is creating a voice. Through writing, speaking, and consulting, he helps individuals and organizations identify the signs of grooming, manipulating, and stigmatizing of sexual abuse and how auto help survivors (of any type of abuse) face the past and find their true self.

John-Michael battled with finding his true self and authentic voice. As an elite athlete, he endured sexual abuse from coaches, benefactors, and medical team which resulted in years of PTSD, depression, anxiety, and even suicide attempts.

Today, John-Michael is passionate about helping people face the past and find their true self; educate parents, guardians, coaches, teachers, and officials how to spot and recognize the signs of abuse. He has found this passion also as an Independent Consultant for Arbonne International, a health and wellness company.

John-Michael represented the USA in international Springboard and Platform diving competitions. His entertainment experiences include performing on television on General Hospital, All My Children, and national commercials; the lead in the independent films All the Rage and Pilgrim; and originating many roles on New York stages.  He taught high school English for seven years at the nationally recognized Stivers High School of the Arts in Dayton, Ohio.  

John-Michael has authored three books and in under contract for one more. He publishing portfolio includes the following books: Surface Tension (2017), Spandau Ballet (2018), and Life’s a Beach (2018) all under Page Publishing.

John-Michael presented the speech “An Athlete’s Silence” at the TEDxDayton 2018 Convention. He has recorded several TV and radio interviews about abuse, spiritual journey, and finding his true self.

John-Michael, member of Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence's Speaker's Bureau

Topics John-Michael Specializes in:

  • Identifying Predator Grooming
  • Self Empowerment
  • Athletes Dealing with Sexual Abuse