Kristen Faith

Founder of Break The Silence Against Domestic Violence & Domestic Violence Expert

Kristen Faith is a highly-sought after, beloved speaker who has over fifteen years of experience as a stage host and keynote lecturer. From emceeing major cultural events to headlining University conferences, Kristen Faith has personally touched the hearts and lives of millions of people in need of redefining their perception of relationships.

Kristen Faith is the Founder and CEO of one of social media’s most recognized domestic violence awareness brands, BTSADV, Kristen became one of the youngest advocates for high profile celebrity abuse cases.

She serves as one of the top experts with TIME, People Magazine, HuffPost, Glamour, New York Post, ESPN, and Sephora and has also been recognized by The American Red Cross, Glamour Magazine, and public officials across California, Texas, and Colorado.

Kristen Faith, member of Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence's Speaker's Bureau

Topics Kristen Faith Specializes in:

  • Supporting and Empowering Victims Through Connection
  • Self-Compassion: The Key to Resiliency and Wellness
  • Filling Your Cup: Self-Care for Advocates
  • From Social Media to Social Change
  • Kristen’s Story: The Raw Truth of Domestic Violence
  • Combating Abuse in Minority Communities
  • The Power of Storytelling
  • The War at Home: Surviving Trauma