Nanette Chezum

Officer-Involved Domestic Violence Educator, Activist, Thriving Survivor

In 2015, Nanette Chezum met a man and her life changed forever. A survivor of a verbally and psychologically abusive relationship with a law enforcement officer, Nanette’s passion is educating the public about domestic abuse via her personal story.

Nanette is an active public speaker educating about Officer-Involved Domestic Violence, Domestic Violence 101, verbal and psychological abuse, and all types of abuse that fall under the umbrella of domestic abuse. Included in her work is educating about how abuse impacts communities and the early warning signals that manifest in a new relationship.

Additionally, she authors a Facebook community page, “The Courage Corner – Domestic Abuse Awareness”. She writes about tactics utilized by abusive personalities, self-care tips, unhealthy behavior, speaking up about domestic abuse and shaming and blaming tactics used by society and offenders.

Nanette is an active public speaker conducting conference workshops, round-table discussions and keynote addresses. She is a national resource about Officer Involved Domestic Violence. She volunteers with various domestic abuse organizations in the state of Colorado and on a national level.

Nanette Chezum, member of Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence's Speaker's Bureau

Topics Nanette Specializes in:

  • Domestic Violence 101
  • Officer-Involved Abuse
  • DV Keynote speaking