Social Media Campaigns

Each October, Break The Silence joins hundreds of other voices across the country to raise awareness of domestic violence. Awareness is such an important part of the battle, because it helps more and more people recognize and respond to the danger signs that often accompany domestic violence. Awareness also helps generate the financial support necessary to offer assistance to victims and survivors.

We can’t say it any better than these words from an Angel family member:

My sister, Arnisha, was murdered on September 29th. I was searching the Internet and Facebook to find help. I came across a campaign that Break The Silence Against Domestic Violence was doing, and I made  the decision on behalf of my family to I’d reach out. We wanted BTSADV to represent and advocate for our family because they were different and bold. If it wasn’t for their domestic violence awareness campaign, we would probably still be searching for the help we needed. – Raeneil Ethridge

Social media became a beacon of hope and an outlet for domestic violence advocates to speak up and break their silence. Through our innovative campaigns we have grown our network of supporters, donors, and have inspired survivors of domestic violence to take action. The creative flare BTS has developed encourages everyone to get involved and to be a part of the solution.

We make it cool to talk about domestic violence. That’s what young people need. We engage audiences through our “hype” presentations and maintain the engagement through our social media interaction. We are completely open to social media partnerships with organizations and businesses around the globe to grow the conversation of domestic violence awareness, education, and resources. We welcome you! – Kristen Paruginog, Founder of Break The Silence Against Domestic Violence

2019: The Promise Campaign

One in four men will find himself a victim of domestic violence in his lifetime, which is around three million male domestic violence victims each year, according to the CDC.

The Promise Campaign aimed to raise awareness of male domestic violence survivors. Our audience was called upon to make a promise to be the change the world needs by texting or submitting a form on our website.

2018: #Raw Truth DV

A call for survivors to share their raw truths.

2017: F-DV

2016: Strength of a Survivor Photo Project

In honor of Women’s History month, BTSADV held our first Strength of a Survivor photo project! We honored the strength of 30 survivors who have overcome domestic violence and are passionate about sharing their message with the world. Check out our merchandise page for your Strength of a Survivor tank or tee.

Strength of a Survivor was inspired by The Pixel Project‘s Survivor Stories Blog Interview Campaign that Kristen participated in in 2015.

2015: The Blow the Whistle Challenge

The Survivor Whistle was created for bystanders and victims of domestic violence to use in emergency situations they may see or may be experiencing themselves. This whistle holds significance in an awareness perspective because we are encouraging bystanders to “blow the whistle against domestic violence.” Consumers who purchase the whistle are pledging to stand up against this epidemic.

Once an individual purchases the whistle, they will create a video to post on social media to challenge 3 other friends to purchase the whistle and make a financial pledge to BTSADV the significance is the whistleblower is standing for the 1 in 4 women affected by abuse.

This challenge encourages supporters to raise awareness for domestic violence and also make a financial contribution to fund the organization’s new Grants of Hope Program. Buy yours here!

2014: The Survivor Tattoo Campaign

Survivors of domestic violence from around the country have been getting “Forever BTS” tattoos, reminding themselves and others to “Break the Silence”



2014: #We Will Not Abuse

Men, women, and children around the world participated in this awareness campaign to vocally pledge, “I Will Not Abuse.” Men and women should never abuse their partners or even children. The example our participants set for their community was truly admirable. Will you pledge with us?


2014: 100 Reasons “Why We Stayed”

The most popular question survivors of domestic violence get asked is the infamous, “Why did you stay with your abuser?” “Why didn’t you just leave?” We could probably give you a BILLION reasons why we stayed. We could probably even give you a BILLION more reasons why we didn’t “just leave.” Here are some reasons to stop asking the question.