Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Each year we design a new campaign to span the month of October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM).

This year, we’re proud to announce¬†The Promise Campagin.

National Speakers Bureau

Our National Speakers Bureau consists of a wide array of individuals that you may request to book for your next event.

Holidays of Hope

Holidays of Hope is our Annual gift drive to touch the hearts of families who are in need of holiday gifts. Our team of Holiday Helpers sponsor children under the age of 18 with necessary essentials or wish list items.

Survivor Sister Retreat

The Survivor Sister retreat is designed to support a leadership development program, which empowers female survivors of domestic violence as they partake in workshops devoted to promoting a positive self-image, individual development, life skills training, and enrichment courses.

Angel Families Retreat

The Angel Families Retreat is an overnight program that hosts families who have lost loved ones from domestic violence. Attendees experience healing through group activities, intimate discussions, and workshops led by trained professionals, and through guided meditation and reflection.

Angel Scholarship Program

We recognize and honors victims, survivors, children, and relatives of those affected by domestic violence through our annual scholarship program. Recipients must be committed to academic excellence, leadership, and community service.