On average, a victim will leave an abusive relationship seven times before they leave for good.

Statistic from the National Domestic Violence Hotline

Many factors play into leaving an abusive relationship permanently. So, if you are one of those people who have returned to your abuser, understand that it is a difficult process, and you shouldn’t feel shame about having gone back. However, here at Break The Silence Against Domestic Violence, we want to help you find resources and support for staying away from those unhealthy relationships.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to healing from the impact of domestic violence. What one person experienced may be different from another. Our programs create a network that connects survivors and Legacy Families to have open forums with those that understand.

Meeting survivors and Legacy Families where they are at in their journey.

Our programs focus on serving three groups


We serve all survivors of domestic violence regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

Legacy Families

We serve families that have lost a loved one to domestic violence through our Angel Program.

Angel Babies

Our Angel Babies are children that have lost a parent to domestic violence.


Survivor Sister Retreat

BTSADV offers an annual Survivor Sister Retreat for women affected by domestic violence. This program allows participants to engage in a variety of workshops and activities throughout the weekend.

BTSADV Helpline 1-855-287-1777

Our helpline is not a crisis hotline. Advocates are available 8 am to 5pm PST to speak with callers about experiencing and overcoming domestic violence, seeking resources and information, or talking about concerns and unhealthy aspects of their relationship.

Online Facebook Support Groups

We provide an online Survivor Sisters group and a Survivor Brothers group. It is a safe and virtual community for survivors to seek support and guidance.



Angel Fund & Scholarship

Angel Fund is a 22-day fundraising effor to support our Angel Scholarship Program. The 22-day fundraising effort concludes with our annual Angel Run. Donations raised for the Angel Fund are awarded to students who have been impacted by domestic violence.

Legacy Families Retreat

Share hope. Share healing. That's previsely what BTSADV's annual Legacy Families Retreat does for those who have lost a loved one- an Angel- to domestic violence.

Online Facebook Support Groups

We provide an online Legacy Families Facebook group. It is a safe and virtual community for families affected by domestic violence to seek support.

Our Board Director Tara Woodlee and her Angel Daughter Ashleigh Lindsey

Honoring our Angels

Our Angel Support Network connects Legacy Families with one another and also provides a variety of ways for families to honor their angels throughout the year.


Holidays of Hope

Holidays of Hope is our annual gift to touch the hearts of families who need holiday gifts. Our Holidays Helpers sponsor children under the age of 18 with essentials or wish list items.


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