Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2020


This year, we are coming together to highlight the faces behind BTSADV and the community we have built. Together we lift our voices and demand to be heard.

Please join us in demanding change and justice for victims and survivors of domestic violence by:

  1. Signing our petition at
  2. Filling out our postcard form that we will be printing and mailing to the White House
  3. Donating to our cause and supporting survivors
  4. Sending us your photos/statements of why you are BTSADV
  5. Using our photo frame on Facebook, search “We are BTSADV”

Sign the Petition

CALL TO ACTION: We are petitioning the White House, Congress and State Officials to increase the scope of VAWA to reduce incidents of intimate partner violence, decrease the cost of social and gender based violence, and change the culture around this type of violence. We specifically need a change in:

  • DV education/resources for all schools, law enforcement, and first responders
  • Increased funding for public housing, rural efforts, and relocation costs for survivors
  • Recognize victims of DV as a protected class in employment provisions
  • A federal standard regarding violations of no-contact orders
  • Ensure all DV and IPV acts are felony acts
  • Increased protections/security measures for victims who are at high-risk for COVID
  • Culturally specific programs to target minority groups and immigrants at risk
We Are BTSADV Postcard

Send a Postcard to Congress

Fill out the form below & we'll populate a postcard with your message and mail it to congress before the 2020 election!

Donate to Our Cause

BTSADV has a global network of nearly 60,000 individuals, and that number continues to grow thanks to fabulous sponsors like you. Each day, our social media presence reaches thousands who are still trapped in dangerous relationships and thousands more who are successfully building new lives.

As a 501c3 nonprofit organization, BTSADV relies on partners and donors to support our mission and impact lives across the country.  Your gift is a gift of hope. Donate today and change a life!

Submit Your Photo

Show us how you are BTSADV by creating a sign or image showcasing the hashtag #IAmBTSADV or #WeAreBTSADV
  • Please make sure your photo is appropriate and only contains information you don't mind sharing publicly.
We Are BTSADV Group Photo


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