Survivor Story: My Abuser Manipulated Me and My Child

Written by: Carmen, Survivor

I started dating a man in December 2016 and walked away about seven months later when it became apparent that he did not want a family. I have a daughter who is three years old. About eight months later he made contact proclaiming his love for me and how he had a change of heart and had opened his heart to my daughter. I believed him…

Four months later we moved in together, and initially, he seemed to make an effort with my daughter. Our connection felt strong, or maybe I just wanted to believe it to be so. I felt things were moving too fast but told myself not to allow my own wounds to come between us. A few months later I bought a home for us, taking on the entire financial burden while he “worked on his business.”

Twice he maltreated my daughter, and the verbal and emotional abuse against her started and continued for about six months. My biggest shame was that my child became a prisoner in her own home.

When I started challenging him on her treatment, he told me he hated her. Later, I became aware of how he had badmouthed her with her nannies and our friends. He then turned his abuse on me which ended in a physical altercation on Mother’s Day. I realized I was being used, manipulated and abused… and so was my child.


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