Survivors of Domestic Violence Champion National Nonprofit in Colorado Springs

Survivors of Domestic Violence Champion National Nonprofit in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs, CO: National nonprofit Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence has recently planted its roots in El Paso County to combat domestic violence before it begins.

In Colorado Springs alone, the police department responded to 13,095 domestic violence calls in 2013 and they make more than 2,400 domestic violence-related arrests every year. Colorado Springs also has the highest rate of sexual assault in Colorado–approximately three times the state average and four times the national average.

In 2018, BTSADV will offer their Survivor Sister Retreat and Angel Families Retreat in Colorado Springs. Both retreats are designed to bring together and support individuals and families impacted by domestic violence.

Locals survivors and families will also have access to scholarships, financial literacy workshops, community support and sisterhood events.

The crucial prevention and healing resources BTS provides are complementary and supplementary to the resources sister organizations like TESSA provide to local communities.

BTS believes in having survivors as leaders within the organization in order to ensure that programs and services align with the needs of survivors. Tara Loo, community champion for domestic violence awareness and graduate of Cheyenne Mountain High School, has been serving on the BTS board since 2016. Licensed marriage and family therapist Deanna Ward joined our board in 2017 and pastor and community activist Doris Rivera-Black and Frontier Airlines captain Katie Judge joined our board this Fall.

Doris Rivera-Black, Board Member

BTS is committed to raising awareness around intimate partner violence. Silence is the abuser’s biggest protector, and through increased awareness on the violence that occurs behind closed doors, BTS works to reduce the isolation, shame, and stigma surrounding abuse.

“We focus on empowering victims, their families, friends, and co-workers by providing life-saving information and encouragement to help them break free from domestic violence and take back their lives. We’ve heard the desperate cries for support from dozens of local survivors who feel this community needs more, and we’re now here to provide the support they need,” says Kristen Paruginog, Founder of BTS.

“We hope to inspire local communities to join the fight against domestic violence. With 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men being abused by an intimate partner, it is imperative that everyone learns to spot the signs of abuse and act to help those affected,” says Paruginog.

Captain Katie Judge, Board Member

Providing resources to the Colorado Springs community can help locals have the right tools to help themselves and loved ones leave their abusers and stay safe in the process.

Since its foundation, BTS has proven to be a leader in domestic violence awareness and in supporting survivors. In the past three years, BTS has awarded $25,000 in academic scholarships to survivors nationwide and they reach 3 million people weekly via social media.

Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence

Our mission is to educate communities on the dangers of domestic violence, connect victims and survivors and assist them in the transformation of their lives by providing personal development retreats, scholarships, financial empowerment, a survivor-run helpline and our innovative campaigns.


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