TerryJosiah Sharpe

Army Veteran, Activist & Former Abuser

From Songwriter to Social Activist, TerryJosiah is one of the most sought after domestic violence educators in the country after breaking his silence about overcoming, as well as perpetuating abuse.

He uses past relationships and behaviors to educate on warning signs of abusive traits. His cutting edge message has inspired thousands of men to participate and engage in the cause.

A father, combat veteran, philanthropist, inventor, and musician, he is a true creative and believer in giving everyone a voice.  His work has been featured on NowThis, National Podcasts, HuffPost, Bustle, and many more. TerryJosiah is truly the future of social change.

TerryJosiah, BTSADV Speakers Bureau

Topics TerryJosiah Specializes in:

  • The War At Home: Combating Domestic Violence
  • I Was An Abuser
  • The Sound Of Better Days: Using Music To Create Social Change
  • Building Healthy Relationships