Volunteer with Many Roles chosen as August Volunteer of the Month

By: Cerelia Abram

Midori Davidson has been a volunteer of all trades for Break the Silence against Domestic Violence. In her year of volunteering , she’s been a blog writer, social media administrator, helpline advocate, Grants of Hope mentor and most recently, an intake coordinator. Of these roles, she is still actively serving as a helpline advocate, Grants of Hope mentor and intake coordinator.

Because of her dedication to helping out BTS no matter what the role, Davidson was chosen as volunteer of the month for August. She said volunteering has stretched and grown her.

She volunteers with BTS because she experienced domestic violence and the shame surrounding it and she wants to give survivors a voice and help them get back their freedom. She said she feels like when other survivors speak out about domestic violence, it gives a voice to her assault.

“If we engage in the war [against domestic violence] we will come through it,” Davidson said. “We have to be committed, and we have to dig deep in the fight with all of the strength and resources we have. And even if we reach one person, we have won.”

Midori and her parents

As an intake coordinator for Grants of Hope, she prescreens and interviews applicants reviewing what their financial needs are and if they’ll be a good fit for the program.

She said the Grants of Hope program is the BTS program she is in awe of the most.

“They [the women] are more empowered than the week before. And it’s so exciting to see their eyes light up as they discover what they have done because they have been in survival mode,” Davidson said. “You think of survival mode like a soldier at war. But it’s not the ashes or the rubble that define your character, it’s how you come through all of that. They get that they can live again.”

With her work on the helpline, she has brought an incredible ability to connect with those who call in and has gone above and beyond.

“She has been there since day one. She is super easy to talk to and has a huge heart,” Megan Ultimo, helpline director said. “She can really brighten up your day and she holds a lot of knowledge within herself.”

Davidson did a tremendous amount of work this year as intake coordinator and was a valuable asset to the team especially for the Grants of Hope program.

Midori and her siblings

“She is patient and kind and she is very much respected by people in BTS and the clients we serve,” Deanna Ward, director for Grants of Hope, said. “She is a definite asset!”

Congratulations Midori on being selected as August’s volunteer of the month, we are so grateful to have you on the team and look forward to see what else you’ll do as a volunteer for us!

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