Angel Story: Alisha Marie Morgan

Alisha Marie Morgan was a smart beautiful 25 yr old mother of 2 very handsome boys. She was my cousin but with how we were raised made us like sisters. Alisha was kidnapped, held in there previously shared home for hours, and shot and killed by her ex boyfriend and father to the youngest boy. She had left him due to him lying and stealing from her. She was working full time and trying her best to make a good life for her and her boys. She loved them boys more than life itself. And it showed that horrible day. She was approached by him that morning before she could get in the gate at her job by gun point. He told her if she did not go with him he would kill the kids and her mother. So to protect them she went. Little did she know she wouldn’t ever leave that house alive. She called her mom and it almost seemed that she honestly thought he would cool off and let her go. Her mother called the law when she found out he had a gun. The law was on scene for an hour and forty five minutes trying to negotiate. At approx 11am January 21, 2020 he took her life and then his own. Leaving 2 baby boys and a family to grieve a horrible loss. All because he couldn’t face the fact that she was moving on. The hurt and pain and anger we have faced since that day is so heavy at times and unbearable. Its been 9 months and the family still have so many questions. I myself wonder what I could’ve done to stop it. She hid so much so the youngest could still have his dad in his life. We lost someone that can’t be replaced in our lives. If you are reading this and you or someone you know are going thru domestic violence, please get help. Dont keep it quiet out of fear. There is someone who will protect you and yours. Dont be that person or that family. Its a painful thing that I myself still can’t figure out how to cope with it.

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