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Are you ready to break your silence? We are accepting written submissions in an open forum. Break The Silence Against Domestic Violence all started with one survivor deciding to share her story in the hopes of helping others. Through the power of social media, a community of survivors was created as a way to foster strength, healing, and empowerment.

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Breaking The Silence Is A Survivor's Battle Cry!

A battle cry is a phrase, word, or sound that is shouted by soldiers during battle.

We share our story because we believe in the power of words. As survivors and Legacy Families, we know that words can destroy. We fight back by using our words of truth and strength to build up what was once torn down. We share our story or our Angel’s story to build awareness for victims that are still with their abuser and for our fellow survivor sisters that are beginning their path to freedom. When we share our truth, we begin to heal and take our power back.

Are You Actively Battling Domestic Abuse?

If you or know of someone in a domestic violent relationship please contact the BTSADV Support Line at 1-855-BTS-1777

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