About Us


We give survivors and families that have lost a loved one to domestic violence access to a community of survivors and families that understand the journey they are facing. With the support of our donors and partners, our community is able to expand, survivors and families are able to share their story, and we continue to fight for a world without domestic violence.

What makes BTSADV different?

As survivors and Legacy Families, no one can better understand how to help. We’ve seen the unmet needs of survivors and Legacy Families. We have developed a unique organization that bridges the gap in services between emergency shelters, direct service providers, government agencies, academic institutions, businesses, and the community. Each program we offer is designated to empower, educate, and fulfill survivors’ and families’ needs through safe, dependable, and connective resources.

Our Commitment as an Organization

Inclusive Support

We are committed to bringing inclusive support and resources to all survivors and Legacy Families regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, or religious beliefs.

End the Stigma

We are committed to ending the misunderstandings and stigma surrounding domestic violence.
DV Facts


We are committed to educating the world about the effects of domestic violence and how to advocate against it in different countries.
What is Domestic Violence?


We are committed to encouraging survivors and Legacy Families to heal and break their silence.

Community Culture

We are committed to upholding a community culture of healing and BTSADV values.

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