Angel Story: Name unknown

I fully understand the questions on this applications. You may conduct a background check. Christine Rodrigues 8/30/2022

In October 2007 my worst nightmare came true. My youngest sister, also my best friend, had been shot and was fighting for her life. She was shot by her husband in front of their 7-year-old daughter. She fought fiercely for the next 8 months while she remained hospitalized, three of those in a coma. She was released in May 2008 under the care of my immediate family. For the next 12 1/2 years, she had multiple surgeries to try and save her life; however, she succumbed to her injuries on March 2, 2020. She fought like no other person I knew to live. She kept a smile on her face even when she could barely hold her head up. Her injuries did not stop her from trying to live her fullest life. She was and still is my hero. I miss her every, single day. She leaves a legacy behind and I will continue to honor her while promoting domestic violence awareness.

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