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btsadv family 2021 message

To Our Amazing BTSADV Family

The Executive Director of BTSADV, Heidi Lynne, provides reflection, encouragement, and insight to the BTSADV family as we face 2021.

non-physical abuse holding hands

What Is Non-Physical Abuse?

Domestic Violence can include verbal, emotional, social, financial, technological, and other forms of non-physical abuse.

art of healing after abuse

The Art of Healing After Domestic Violence

The physical markers of abuse may have faded, but the spiritual and psychological scarring from domestic violence may last a long time after a victim leaves her abuser. Even though the road to healing from past trauma can be long, it is possible to regain what you had lost someday. Some days will be harder than others, it’s true.

domestic violence in unexpected placed

Domestic Violence in Unexpected Places

When “heroes” become the perpetrators of abuse, there is a double-edged sword of action without consequence that makes situations like these especially dangerous for victims of domestic violence.

stability created

Stability Created from the Inside Out

Leaving abusive relationships may not immediately equate to true healing or good mental health. True healing and stability occurs from the inside out.