Diamond Williams

Diamond Williams

Hello , my name is diamond from
North Carolina ! I Have been wanting to give up on life but watching you it makes me just wanna push forward. I have been through a lot in my life time . I’m battling lupus ! When I was younger I was raped and left on the side of the road by two guys and they didn’t even get no jail time . Then I was beaten by a man that I thought loved me every night , he poured water on me when it was freezing outside while I slept and made me clean it up and then made me lay there without any covers or anything , when he got mad he would rape me constantly and then let his friends have me too . I was devastated,he made me sit in the closet when had company , and then he choke me out one night until I black out and then I finally called the police and they made him leave , but he snuck back and kick my door in , beat me with a wooden chair and his fist and tried to kill me , if it wasn’t for my neighbors I would have been dead today . Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write you.

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