F*ck DV Campaign

About Campaign:

In the world of domestic violence, we hear dramatic and daily accounts of women defying death by their abusive partners. Since it has become so “normal” for us to hear these stories, it’s time we take control of the narrative.

As part of October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month, BTS is serving up a provocative, in-your-face social media campaign that is intended to shock people into action.

Featured in: Huffington Post, Bustle, KPBS, MIC, and on Fox5 San Diego.

Goals for this Campaign:

  • Provide access to quality education to academic institutions nationally through the development, production and execution of The Guide to Healthy Relationships.
  • Provide education for past, present and unidentified abusers to become more familiarized and educated about unhealthy and abusive relationships. Through our educational platform, men and women will now have the ability to test their behavioral patterns alongside our Guide to Healthy Relationships and gain valuable tips on how to break the cycle.
  • Decrease stigma surrounding the silence of abuse permeating in homes, schools and workplaces nationwide by encouraging communities to break the silence against domestic violence.
  • Decrease financial and emotional barriers victims and survivors face when rebuilding their lives after domestic violence by increasing the awareness of local resources to those in need.
  • Unite people worldwide to increase awareness about domestic violence, resources and providing community support.

Donate and receive your very own F*CK DV tee, while supplies last.

Corinne, now on the board of directors at Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence, was one of the many who experienced varied forms of domestic abuse, including physical violence. READ MORE!



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