I was only 17

As a young girl was only 17 years old I got into a relationship with a male who was saying he was 19 at the time but little did I know he was lying to me, I found out he was actually 21 and he lied about his name also why? Because I found out he was wanted by the cops for a warrant .. well eventually he went to jail did 3 months , then got out and we got back together… there always so nice at the beginning of the relationship then the true colors eventually come out , well he was like the most perfect person treated me well, did what a man should at least what I thought .. but you know here comes 2 years later he started changing I mean doing drugs and getting into trouble and becoming a alcoholic he started being abusive mentally physically and emotionally I really had no idea what to do or where to go because I left my moms house and got an apartment in my name and he lived with me and his friend moved into the place to. We eventually him and I only , moved into his moms house because she moved here since she was sick we ended up taking care of her for a while. As time went on I knew something wasn’t right. My body was changing , everything was changing. I took a pregnancy test and sure enough I was pregnant I didn’t believe it. He hurt me so bad because he had cheated on me lied to me ect, eventually it became a nightmare due to him almost killing me with a gun at 32 weeks pregnant. Over a phone . He shot the door the bullet bounced back and almost hit me and I ran as fast I could out of that house. He came running after me and I hid in the dark. I had no phone his mom came looking for me and told me to go running back to her room. Later that night he left and never returned back. He ended up back locked up because he got caught with drugs and weapons and gang violence. Still till this day he’s in prison and sadly I’m still hurt by it because I have no explanation as to when it’s time to explain to my daughter where her dad is what am I going to say? All I know is I’m glad I’m out of that situation and I’m finally at peace .

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