It Doesn’t Just Take Time

By Emilie Trepanier

Time is a funny thing.

Actually, it’s everything.

Time chooses when and how,

It chooses who and where,

But what time cannot do

Is fix everything, I fear.

Time can aid healing

Like a bandaid, Advil, or treatment.

Time can work as a circle

Or a roller coaster

Bringing back memories you thought you’d escaped,

Moving you forward to the present day.

Time reminds you of the girl you once knew

Then it snaps back and again, she’s not even you.

Time is change,

Time is growth,

Time is a way for us to organize our chaos

But time won’t do anything,

It simply won’t,

If you yourself don’t want to be helped.

I spent days and nights

Wading through dark waters

Searching for light in all the wrong places.

I took the hurts present on my skin

And made them mine, hidden.

I thought I could fight the demons alone

Like a lantern in the night fights dusty moths.

But when push comes to shove,

The girl that I knew was gone

Not even a shell of herself left.

I was becoming the moth

Looking for a light somewhere within me

Trying to save when I couldn’t even be.

I found a friend in Time.

I stopped telling Time to go backward.

I stopped saying “no wait, I’m not prepared!”

I took Time by the hand and realized,

Throughout it all, Time was my only constant.

When it wasn’t my escape

Time was the one rooting for my fate.

So yes, it takes Time.

But it also takes me.

Sometimes time is just a reminder

Like how I remember vividly the date May 18

But time is also a home

To keep out the demons,

To strike up the morning routine,

To change life and change me.

Healing doesn’t happen overnight

Nor does it happen in a specific number

Or way.

Even surgeries leave some scars

Reminders of what we overcame.

I live in a state of almost healed

Because I am human,

Filled with depth and intellect.

Time helps manage my fears

Reminds me, as “they” say, that healing is not linear.

So, I am healed. But again, not quite.

I still have moments where I remember those nights.

I sometimes get angry for the girl that I knew, for those who are feeling all the pains I also went through

Time keeps moving forward and keeps me in check.

And I’ve found I’m okay with living a little partially fixed.

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