Holidays of Hope

Become a Holiday Helper

This holiday season, we are asking for your help to grant the wishes of children who are victims of domestic violence. The Holidays of Hope program provides children with a joyous holiday season, and we need your support to make it happen. You can donate any amount (we challenge you to a $100 donation), sponsor a child’s or family’s wish list, or you can host your own fundraiser for the Holidays of Hope program. The choice is yours!

Help us reach our goal!

Our vision is to help deliver a magical Christmas experience to 500 children!

We can only do it with your help, so please consider donating today!


How to sponsor a Wish List:

  1. Complete the sponsor registration below.
  2. Decide how many wishes you would like to grant this holiday season,
  3. Receive an email from our holiday helpers with the wish list(s) of a registered child.
  4. Purchase the gifts on Amazon .
  5. Send a screen shot of the purchases to [email protected]
  6. Rejoice in the joy you have given a child this holiday season.

Help us Deliver Love From Above

Be an Blessing for a Angel Baby this holiday Season


Are you a survivor of DV or a Legacy Family?

And you need assistance this holiday season register until November 30th, 2022.

Register Here

BTSADV Supports Children during the holidays

Children are silent survivors of domestic violence. Bearing witness to the abuse and sometimes even the murder of one or both of their parents. We saw a need to help support survivors of domestic violence and their children during the holidays, and created the Holidays of Hope program at BTSADV. Every year we sponsor children who have survived domestic violence by granting them Amazon Wishes

How to register your child for the Holidays of Hope program:

  1.  Go to Amazon.com and create an Amazon Wish List for each child you want to register. You can request any amount of gifts you like, but we ask you to understand we only ask for a $100 sponsorship from our supporters. We recommend you choose Prime products to ensure timely delivery of the gifts.
  2. Complete the registration form below. Only registrations with an Amazon Wish List link will be accepted.
  3. We connect your child’s Wish List with sponsors. (We do all the work)
  4. We send your child’s Wish List link to the sponsor(s). 
  5. Amazon notifies you of the purchase and shipping information.


Do you have to show proof of income?

No. We do not require to show proof of income or have a maximum amount you can earn.

Can I register more than one child?

Yes. There is no maximum to the number of children in your household you can register.

Do I have to create an Amazon Wish list? Can I use another store?

No. The only list we accept is Amazon Wish List. This makes tracking easier and ensures on time delivery.

What happens if my child’s list is not sponsored?

BTSADV will not leave any child without a sponsored list. We have a general fund to cover all Wish Lists.

Do I have to be a survivor of domestic violence to register?

Yes. We ask that you are a survivor of DV or you are raising a child who is a survivor of DV or a Angel Baby.



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