My Story – Demi

I was in an 8 year relationship with someone who I thought loved and cared for me. Only now realising after being physically assaulted that I was being emotionally abused.
There had been many occasions where he treated me so poorly. But I just stayed because it was ‘easier’ and thought that’s what I deserved. I was also scared because he would stalk me at home and work or he would none stop call me or message me.
The occasion where he physically assaulted me took place, the police were involved and put an ADVO. He wasn’t able to come within 200m of me but due to our poor system he applied for it to be varied and the courts have changed the ADVO and he is allowed to be near me.

I’m scared and hold fear to move freely. However, I’m trying to be strong enough to pass through this and try to focus on myself and gain strength to life my life and be treated like a normal person should be treated. All this strength though that I have gained I wish to empower young women to break out of this vicious cycle.
I’m also glad I now understand what emotional abuse is as it has put my thoughts into perspective of how my relationship was within those 8 years.

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