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My story
Last year April 1 I decided to stop my medication I was put on due to my rape and my sexual assault. I tried to get off my medicine by myself but I couldn’t do it so I put myself into rehab I came out of rehab on April 27. When I got home I had Full custody of my younger son I was served with paperwork to appear in court with my ex-husband Who is the father of my son and the man who sexually assaulted me. I went to court and he filed a petition against me that I was unfit mother and I was using drugs I was told by the courts to get a hair follicle test. at that time I couldn’t afford it so I gave them the records of my recent drug test that I was clean from Prescription medications and drugs from my outpatient therapy. When I went back to court they took my rights away from me because I did not do the hair follicle test and they did not accept my drug test that I had from outpatient treatment. At that time I brought my son to PD and he went with his father mind you that he is a registered sex offender convicted felon and the man who sexually assaulted me. At this time I asked my father to pay for my hair follicle test and I passed it and the judge still did not give my son back to me at this time I was doing supervised Visitations on the weekends. On September of last year I was seeing my son for my visitation and when he came in he was walking funny and he looked very scared he then told the supervisor that his father had hurt his penis and that his dad plays with it when he shower. he showed us what his father did and the supervisor call the police. at this time my ex got arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting my son remind you The courts new that his father was a registered sex offender and that his father sexually assaulted me and rape somebody when he was younger and still gave his father temporary custody. When the police arrested him they asked my ex-husband if the baby can stay with a family member on either side of the family or the state would take the baby from him he told the police to call the state at this time me and the baby are at the hospital while he was getting examined the hospital stated that he sustained injuries and that he was sexually assaulted the state then put him into a foster care. I moved back home with my parents because losing my son really hurt me my parents went to court to get guardianship on my son I was then told I had to move out of my parents house in order for my son to live with them so I moved in with my boyfriend not thinking it was going to take almost a year. I was told while the baby was in my parents care that I had to finish everything the court has ordered me to do I was told to do parenting Classes I was told to go to outpatient rehab and get drug tested every week I was told that I needed to see a therapist I have been compliant and successfully finished everything that the court has asked me to do. It has almost been a year now and I still don’t have custody back. My ex-husband falsely made accusations about me that were not true. The department of foster unit has been running my life they tell me where I can and cannot go they came to my job to make sure I was working I see my son every Week for one hour visit supervise still this has been going on since September Department of Social Services foster care unit has come to my job is telling me I have to have my own place to live and that I cannot move back home with my family. My son has been in therapy ever since this happened to him I have been to numerous court appearances and nothing has changed except the fact that my son does not want to see his father I am being told by Foster unit the process is going to be a long time before he is returned to me if he is returned to me. My son is in therapy he has been in therapy for a long time his first therapist they took him out of because they said that they weren’t getting anywhere with him he was not opening up about what happened to him now he’s seeing a second therapist who he is opening up to but it’s still telling them he does not want to see his dad because he scared of him and he’s scared he’s going to hurt him again and touch him in places he does not wanna be touched. My ex-husband is due back in court July to be sentenced to jail time for mine and my sons sexual assault. At this time I’m asking for someone to help me get justice for my son to get him back into my life as he needs his mother and has told the supervisor his lawyer his therapist that he wants to be with his mommy. I do not have a criminal record I have never had my rights taken away from me when it comes to my kids I needed help and I went and got it my son was in the care of my parents while I went to rehab I had full custody of him he saw his father every other weekend as it was court ordered he did not miss any weekend with his father his father found out I was in rehab and used it against me because he was so angry with me. My ex-husband had his visitations taken away from him 3 times and 2 of them were founded by CPS all called by the hospital school and hospital again not once did I call CPS on him. My ex husband has a criminal record from crimes he committed in the past before i went to rehab I was granted full custody I took care of both my kids by myself. I’m asking for somebody to fight for me as I feel this case is not going anywhere and it’s almost been one year and every time I go back to court it’s the same thing over and over again I do not know why me getting help is holding me back from me getting my som back but I’m asking for help because I have been doing everything and compliant with everything and I still have a long way to go as I was told today At court. I have all my paperwork starting from when my son first told me that his father was hurting him from the very first court date in 2016 until now showing that I have been the best mom I could be to my children and to have all that taken away from me because I wanted to get off my medication that I was prescribed by my doctor because of my rape and I put myself into rehab and because false accusations were made about me is what let me hear today I will be more than happy to present all necessary paperwork to you if you were willing to take my case thank you in advance
Also when I got full custody of both my children I was on my medication I maintained a full-time job for 15 years I still have a full-time job so why is it I’m being punished for getting help.

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