Rosarii Reynolds Survivor Sister Story

Survivor Sister Rosarii Reynolds speaks out breaking her silence about domestic violence.


How could I be an advocate for abuse survivors. I have had about 5 relationships in my life. I have had a lifetime of experience sad to say. I would like to be able to talk with kids at the adolescent stage about prevention . Please let me know if i can help or if you know a way i can get involved. Volunteer basis would be fine with me. I believe i can help.Close to losing my life a couple of times badly beat a few. Wouldn’t go to the hospital ashamed to be taped in it again, my parents family ashamed of me tooAfter a month in the hospital the last time , few years of counseling Guess you could say moved on from that person. Thanks to my counselor Mrs Day She helped me realize when I could forgive him I could stay away. However you never get over the mentally part of you that was scared. You learn to live with it in the best way works for you.


Rosarii Reynolds Survivor Sister Story

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Sharing our stories can be incredibly empowering while also helping others connect with survivors and Legacy Families who have similar experiences.

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