Survivor Toolkit

Welcome to the BTSADV Survivor Toolkit!

Here you’ll find tons of resources for survivors who have left their abusive situation and are now working towards establishing independence and empowerment. For each topic, there is a downloadable handout, or you can download the entire packet. These are great for sharing information with schools, offices, and peers! For each topic, we have also provided links to even more resources within BTSADV and externally.


Finance Basics

Fundamentals and tools to help establish financial freedom after leaving an abuser.

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Staying Safe

Recommendations for protecting yourself and your family while establishing independence.

Healthy Relationships


Understanding the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships. What does appropriate and inappropriate treatment look like?


Stages of Grief

Helping you acknowledge your past experiences in a healthy way.


Gaining Independence

Helping you reclaim your freedom and find yourself again after trauma.

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Support Systems

Learn how to identify and establish a support system to help ensure your safety and mental health.

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