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The Mental in Me…

The mental in me before you were unrecognizable. It was there but it was peaceful. The mental before you amassed yet to be challenged by such life changes of emotions and bodily damage.

The mental in me before you were humble and filled with life.

The mental in me when I met you believed these new feelings were real. The mental in me with you made me feel loved with the false presentation of what love really is. The mental in me during you showed me your true disposition and intentions. The mental in me prevailed disturbed by your behavior of the abuse in which you demonstrated what your love is.

The mental in me was enticed by long nights, tears of confusion, and overthinking as if I was the problem.

Thank you for showing me what love is not. Thank you for the level of thinking I have now to process how I choose people to be in my life. Now I know that not everyone is good for my mental. Now I know that everything someone presents to me is my choice to accept it or let them be. My mental is protected by a higher level of self-awareness.

My mental mattered in times you or anyone else tried to neglect me. My mental health was my biggest key to surviving people like you as I discovered how to heal myself.

My mental today is my biggest flex that I cherish. No matter what happened to me, I mentally and physically strengthened the new healed me. I didn’t break. I didn’t fold. Instead, I grew. I bent, and now my mind is healthier and more flexible because I chose myself when I broke my silence!

Has being a survivor of a detrimental time in your life made you realize how important your state of mind was in your darkest moments?

If so please share with us in the comments below. We would love to hear how you mentally healed from the abusive characteristics that were meant to destroy you.

RESOURCE: *** From the heart of a survivor, that did not know the importance of her state of mind, UNTIL she broke her silence. ***

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