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To be the teen…

To be a teen, you have to self-reflect, emphasize, sympathize, and show compassion.

“But if you are the teen, then what do you do”?

Some are oblivious to this hurt when it happens to them or passive-aggressive because of fear.

To be the teen means you have been a teen before that lost trust in someone close to you. That trust was mishandled and violated that occasionally went unspoken because of who they were and amongst. Some people looked HIGHLY upon them. So at what cost would it bare to be the teen that tells the truth? What picture would it repaint for the person trying to silence their truth?

Sure some resources could help them suppress their feelings and pacify their emotions for the moment. But what about on the nights their mind wonders, and their days darken. What empathy or sympathy would they have been given to provide such comfort amid tarnished innocence?

“Who would believe them in that aspect of empathy enough to provide the comfort they needed after facing such detrimental levels of trust?

To be a teen, you’d have to be a friend, family member, or a parent to say “I was that teen, and I understand”!

To go invisible sometimes, only to be recognized for my strange behavior or as others commonly say, “acting out”, can you truly say you were a teen before?

I was born with a cry that only my parents heard in the delivery room. Presently my cry is even louder because I am the teen that broke my silence “To Be The Teen” who stands for other teens! 

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