Volunteer Spotlight: Ashley Paschen

Ashley Paschen

Ashley Paschen

BTSADV's own volunteer, Ashley Paschen, shares her Survivor Story in this Volunteer Spotlight.

I was in a physically, emotionally and financially abusive relationship for 8 years. The first time I left my husband was after he told me he was going to kill me – and the events leading up to that day made me know he meant it. I left the state the next night while he was at work, with only a few bags of clothing in my car. Slowly, over the next month, he convinced me he had changed, and I went back. It became obvious very quickly that change was just more lies and manipulation. His son came to live with us full time shortly after. Because of that, I stayed a few more years before finally making the heartbreaking decision to leave for good. I spent the next year as a single mom to my stepson, as my ex husband couldn’t get a stable job and home. Just 2 months ago, my ex-husband took his son back. While I’ve already begun healing from my abuse, I’m just now beginning the journey of healing from the loss of my son, and figuring out who I am again after losing the role of “mom.” 

Before my marriage, I had no idea the different kinds of domestic violence, or narcissistic abuse. I reached out for help one night when I was at my lowest of lows. But through a call for help, I was given the validation I needed and some suggestions for education on what I was going through. This opened the door to changing my life. I found BTSADV through facebook and here I am, 5 years after originally reaching out for help, volunteering and advocating for others.

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