Angel Story: Marie Catherine Galvani

My ex (Marie) and I split in 2008 and we went our separate ways, although we did remain in contact over the years. We were married for 12 years, and things just didn’t work for us for various reasons.

A couple of years ago, we did discuss getting back together, but we realized that it wasn’t going to work. During this period, she told me that she had left her previous boyfriend, Jason, because he was very possessive and abusive. She had told me of the times he’s punched her, pulled her hair, called her nasty names, etc. Supposedly, this was the second time she had left him due to abuse. As long as I’ve known her, I’ve known her to be a strong and stubborn woman, not the type to take crap off anyone. So it was no surprise that she left him. After we realized that it wasn’t going to work out, she had moved back up to Michigan, and I had moved back to Texas.

The following February, my daughter informs me that her mom was moving to Florida to go back with Jason. Apparently, and had apologized, and for some reason, she believed it. Once she got to Florida, hardly anyone heard from her. Apparently, he was restricting her phone calls, listening in on the few calls she was allowed to make, and he was beating on her again.

Then on November 22, 2016, he beat her for the last time. He had beaten her to death.

I read the autopsy report, and the injuries she had were more in line with torture than a single beating. The injuries sustained are too horrific to describe here, but there is nothing she ever did to deserve any of the abuse. Nothing.

Jason was initially charged with second degree murder, but the state’s attorney dropped it to aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and allowed him to bond out of jail. Jason’s lawyer has been able to get the judge to continue the case nearly every month with no action. Since his release, he was arrested again for assaulting his father and holding him against his will. His bond was revoked, and he sits in jail today awaiting trial on all charges.

When you leave an abusive relationship, the best thing you can do is stay out, and never go back. Marie’s case is the number one reason reason why you never go back.

Rest in peace, Marie

Marie Catherine Galvani

09/17/1968 – 11/22/2016

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