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Tell Me You Are A Bad Person Without Telling Me

How do you know if that person that you are inviting into your life is good or bad for you? Can you trust your gut, or are red flags oblivious to you? And what about boundaries? This journal entry from our blogger, Amanda, talks about these very questions and more.

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A Soundtrack for Survivors

Music can move us as survivors. Rick Dougherty shares his ultimate playlist of songs that have helped him with his past abuse and how they will also help him when walking across Ireland in June to raise money and awareness for BTSADV.

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The Autism Spectrum and Abuse

“By trying to raise awareness of the Autism spectrum, especially how it relates to abuse, I am hoping to help others avoid the decades of confusion I experienced when trying to come to terms with the abuse I suffered.”

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Chris was US…

There have been many opinions about the Chris Rock/Will Smith Oscar moment, but for survivors of domestic violence, we may see ourselves in Chris Rock in that very moment.

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Chasing Confidence

Amanda endured years of gaslighting, and her journal entry reflects the effects that happen after, including doubting her self-confidence.

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art of healing after abuse

Survivor but still surviving…

So when we say we are survivors, we are implying that we have conquered every strike, every shove, every bruise, every antagonistic word, every silent night of just tears, and the US transforming into the hero that saved us!

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My Pilgrimage on the Ireland Way

In June, BTSADV’s own volunteer, Rick Dougherty, will be flying across the world to walk 1,000 km (620 mi) pilgrimage along The Ireland Way to raise money and awareness for domestic violence. As a survivor of abuse and of Irish decent, this trip of a lifetime is dear to his heart for many reasons. Read more about his incredible journey ahead in this blog.

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